Will Ariana Madix film with Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss again? Here’s what we know

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Will Ariana Madix film with Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss again? Here’s what we know

After the Vanderpump Rules season 10 finale, Ariana Madix made it clear that she no longer wants to work with Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss. After their public affair in March, Ariana Madix doesn’t want to be anywhere near her ex, Tom Sandoval, or her former best friend, Raquel Leviss. She is so fed up with them that she will not work with them on Vanderpump Rules, Ariana said in an interview.

On Thursday, May 18, when a newspaper asked Ariana if she wanted to work with Sandoval and Raquel for season 11 after their relationship, the 37-year-old reality star said “No. I don’t have anything to say to any of them,” she added further, “Our show is very real and follows a real group of friends, and none of them are in the group of friends, so, good luck.”

In the reality show’s May 17 episode, which aired on Bravo, viewers saw Ariana confront her boyfriend of nine years about his months-long romance with Raquel. Opening up about their heated conversation, she said: “I knew he was trying to be that person so I could be the angry person; I could see what was happening in front of my face, and it was really frustrating. Honestly, when he started yelling at me, I felt a little satisfied that he was finally going to be the real him.”

For the uninitiated, Ariana saw a video of Sandoval and Raquel on his phone on March 1st. They broke up as a result of the revelation and the network started shooting again.

Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion

Tom and Ariana were seen being dragged through the mud by many cast members in the trailer for the much-anticipated reunion, which was released on May 11. In the clip, Ariana refers to her ex and her former friend as “rats” and calls Raquel “diabolical, insane and sub-human.”

She went on to say: “That girl is looking for identity from men, she has no identity of her own,” she told him. “Willing to stoop so low to f–k one of her best friend’s partners, and that’s someone you think is a good person to be around?” When Sandoval revealed that he and Leviss had formed a deep, emotional bond, Ariana exploded, calling Sandoval and Leviss’ relationship “bulls–t” and “disgusting.”

Is Ariana dating anyone after Tom Sandavol?

Ariana now raises her glass high as she anticipates the future, which includes a new relationship with fitness trainer Daniel Wai. Ariana shared in an interview that “I’m enjoying myself and I would say I’m very happy right now,” adding, “I met him at a wedding about 10 days after all of this. And no way, form or did I go into that form and think anything.” She went on to say, “I just took things very, very slowly and really enjoyed myself,” “And it’s just really nice to interact with someone who’s just so nice and kind and sweet and caring.”

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Will Ariana Madix film with Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss again? Here’s what we know

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