Why was Uncle Roger banned from China?

London comedian Uncle Roger has become the latest to be banned in China

Why was Uncle Roger banned from China?

UNCLE Roger is a comedian, vlogger and online content creator.

The funnyman has become the latest comedian to be disciplined by the Chinese government after cracking jokes at their expense.


London comedian Uncle Roger has become the latest to be banned in ChinaCredit: YouTube/mrnigelng

Who is Uncle Roger?

Nigel Ng Kin-ju is best known for his comic persona Uncle Roger.

Nigel was born on 15 March 1991 and is a Malaysian stand-up comedian and internet celebrity based in London.

He started doing comedy while in college in the US.

He continued to perform while holding down a full-time job as a data scientist.

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He made his TV debut in 2018 on Comedy Central’s Stand Up Central.

And in 2019, he quit his job and went full-time into comedy.

Nigel hosts the comedy podcast Rice To Meet You with British Swedish comedian Evelyn Mok.

In 2021, he appeared on series 19 of BBC Two’s Mock the Week.

Uncle has a pronounced Cantonese-like accent and is based on a stereotypical middle-aged Asian man who judges Asian cuisine

Nigel tells Ladbybell: “Uncle Roger is a reflection of the middle-aged Asian men.

“They’re a little funny, they’re a little know-it-all, but ultimately they’re kind people.

“And they are very, very stuck in their ways.”

The comedian further developed the character in TikTok and Instagram sketches before moving to YouTube.

In July 2020, Nigel’s Uncle Roger persona gained attention for his YouTube response to Hersha Patel’s BBC Food video about cooking egg fried rice.

After the video went viral, Ng and Patel appeared together on BBC.

Where is Uncle Roger from?

Nigel describes Uncle Roger as a “celebration of Asianness”.

He added that the character “never puts down his own race”.

He has elements of East Asian culture, including characteristics of China, Hong-King and Taiwan.

Why was Uncle Roger banned from China?

The comedian posted a clip from an upcoming comedy special where he pokes fun at Chinese surveillance.

The clip also shows the comedian mocking Beijing’s claims of sovereignty over Taiwan.

He performed as his stage persona Uncle Roger and joked that he was “about to be cancelled”.

As predicted, he was canceled by the Chinese government because they banned his social media pages.

A message on his Weibo account, where he has more than 400,000 followers, said: “The user has been banned from posting for violating relevant laws and regulations.”

It comes after a series of comedians were banned from sharing their content after making jokes at China’s expense.

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Is Uncle Roger married?

It seems that the ex-wife who appears in his sketches may have some real-life inspiration.

Uncle Roger told fellow YouTuber Shu he was divorced in a vlog posted in April 2020.

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Why was Uncle Roger banned from China?

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