Why is Taylor Swift’s rumored boyfriend Matty Healy facing backlash? Details inside

Matty Healy (Credit: YouTube)

Why is Taylor Swift’s rumored boyfriend Matty Healy facing backlash? Details inside

Pop star Taylor Swift and her rumored boyfriend Matty Healy have once again attracted attention, but this time for a different reason. A video of Healy talking about masturbating to Ghetto Gaggers porn has now resurfaced online and Swifties are finding it very disturbing.

Earlier this year, a podcast showed Healy discussing the time he masturbated pornographically with “brutalized” women. This video is now circulating the web again. It was ‘The Adam Friedland Show’ where Healy appeared and recalled a case with Adam and co-host Nick Mullen. The time Adam and a British woman named Olive walked into Healy and masturbated at Ghetto Gaggers. Adam said, “She went back and Matty, like, on his phone and then on his 77-inch OLEDs was just blaring Ghetto Gaggers,”

In that segment, Healy said, “It wasn’t just the— it was the combination of the fact that it was, you’re exaggerating, it was 30 seconds. Like, you guys were still waiting outside, she came back in, I was already confused.” He added, “I was, like, dressed like ‘guy stripping,’ so I had, like, an unbuttoned shirt. Like you said, I think it was literally, like, Ghetto Gaggers was on TV. It’s just someone is just, like, brutalized.” For the uninitiated, Ghetto Gaggers is a porn site that focuses on demeaning and degrading women of color.

Here’s how Swifties are reacting to Matty Healy’s misogynistic behaviour

As the video made the rounds on social media, some of Swift’s fans called out Taylor’s rumored boyfriend for his racist behavior and also urged her to dump him. One user wrote: “Seriously, it feels like she’s trying to get canceled again. A second person commented: “This whole thing is making me lose respect for Taylor.” A third user wrote: “How are you okay with her?” user wrote: “How can she not know about this stuff when strangers on the internet are aware? But she, who has known him for at least 10 years, has no idea? Absolutely not. She’s aware, she doesn’t care.”

Meanwhile, a video recently surfaced online, showing Healy bonding with Swift’s father, Scott Swift, at the singer’s Eras Tour concert. They were also seen jamming along to Taylor’s song 22.

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Why is Taylor Swift’s rumored boyfriend Matty Healy facing backlash? Details inside

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