Who was Anna Nicole Smith and what was her cause of death? – The Sun

    Anna Nicole Smith was a famous model

Who was Anna Nicole Smith and what was her cause of death? – The Sun

Former model and pop culture sensation Anna Nicole Smith rose to fame in the 1990s and early 2000s for her Playboy covers and relationships.

But who was she, and what caused her untimely death at the age of 39?


Anna Nicole Smith was a famous model

Who Was Anna Nicole Smith?

Anna Nicole Smith, born Vickie Lynn Hogan in 1967 in Houston, had humble beginnings.

She worked in various low-paying jobs before finding fame, including stints at Walmart, Red Lobster and a fried chicken restaurant.

She eventually became a strip dancer in a Houston club to support her young son.

As with Marilyn Monroe, Anna appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine in 1992 and was awarded Playmate of the Year in 1993.

She landed lucrative modeling contracts with Guess Jeans and clothing giant H&M while also appearing in the comedy sequel Naked Gun 33 & A Third.

Anna also starred in her own reality show, The Anna Nicole Show, on E! appear.

The show was controversial as Anna constantly appeared drunk during filming, often slurring her words.

She was mocked for slurring her words while introducing Kanye West at the 2004 American Music Awards.

What was Anna Nicole Smith’s cause of death?

The model died in 2007 of an accidental drug overdose at a hotel in Hollywood, Florida.

Her death was believed to be the result of “combined drug intoxication.”

“She was my best friend, my lover, the mother of my daughter. She was everything to me, literally everything. My whole world,” shared longtime companion Daniel K. Stern PEOPLE.

Stern said in court, according to Fox News: “She’s really talked about death since I met her.

“Anna always thought in a way that she was going to die young.

“She thought she was going to be like Marilyn Monroe, she thought she was going to die at age 36 or 37.”

How many children did Anna Nicole Smith have?

Anna Nicole Smith had two children – Daniel Wayne Smith and Dannielynn Birkhead.

Her eldest child Daniel died of an accidental overdose on September 10, 2006 at the age of 20.

Stern said that Anna never recovered from the death of her son.

“Anna saw herself as both mother and father to Daniel,” he told People after her death.

“Since I met her, everything was for Daniel.

“I would say that physically she died last week, but in many ways, emotionally, she died when Daniel died.”

dannielynnwho is 16, is often compared to her mother, but the teenager prefers to stay out of the limelight.

Was Anna Nicole Smith Married and Who Were Her Ex-Husbands?

The blonde was married twice in her life, first to Billy Wayne Smith when she was just 17.

After giving birth to her son Daniel, she divorced Billy the following year.

In 1994, Anna married 89-year-old multimillionaire J. Howard Marshall when she was 26.

Oil baron Marshall died 13 months later, and Anna became embroiled in a legal battle with his family over his fortune.

What Was Anna Nicole Smith’s Net Worth?

At the time of her death, Anna Nicole Smith had a net worth of approximately $1 million.

Anna was not named in her former millionaire husband’s will, and she would continue to unsuccessfully fight for a portion of his estate for the rest of her life.

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Who was Anna Nicole Smith and what was her cause of death? – The Sun

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