Who Is Tayshia Adams’ Boyfriend, Luke Gulbranson?

Who Is Tayshia Adams’ Boyfriend, Luke Gulbranson?

The news of Tayshia Adams and Luke Gulbranson dating is still relatively new, but it’s a big freakin’ deal, people! After all, these two are already celebs in their own right, with Tayshia being a literal Bachelorette and Luke one of the most iconic Summer house alumni in the show’s history. And now not only have they been romantically linked, but they’re apparently casually out here looking at engagement rings. If you’re wondering exactly how we got here, dw! We’ve got you covered on how the couple’s whole ship got started, plus all the info there is to know about Luke, aka the guy who captured our girl Tayshia’s heart…and who just might get her metaphorical final rose 👀.

Tayshia’s new boyfriend is seriously versatile

Luke a model, and he is also an actor along with a number of credits to his name (he was even in an episode of The flight attendant!), a literal woodworkera hockey coach, and an entrepreneur for his brand R_Cowhich the celeb says was “inspired by the mining town I grew up in, combined with the life I lived in NYC.”

TL;DR: He is a man of many talents.

Luke was on Summer house for three seasons

He joined the Bravo show during season 4 and stayed until season 6. After his debut, he has memories of the experience with refinery29say, “We had a fun summer — it was a confusing summer, but it was a fun summer … We all became really good friends.”

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After tons of ups and downs over the years, rumors started swirling that Luke and his co-stars, Andrea Denver and Alex Wach, would not be returning to Summer house for season 7. Amidst the speculation, Luke hopped on an Instagram Live to clear the air, revealing, “Addressing the elephant in the room…Just so everyone knows, I’m not going to be on . Summer house this year. [Those] Were rumours, but I wanted people to hear it from me. Yes, I won’t be on the show.”

Luke further elaborated on the sitch during the Live, explaining: “I’m extremely grateful for the last three years I’ve been on the show. I’m going to miss my friends a lot. [I’m] I’m actually not going to spend the summer with them…It breaks my heart, but I know they’re going to have a good time and we’ll be in touch anyway.”

When a fan pointedly asked the reality TV star why he wouldn’t be returning, Luke said that he wouldn’t go into specifics, but he would like to be on the upcoming season. “I’ll tell you I would have loved to be a part of it. I’m going to miss my friends a lot this year, this summer. I can’t answer the why.”

He has dated a number of other celebs from the Bravosphere

By his time Summer house and its accessory winter houseLukas was in a on-and-off situation with former co-star Hannah Berner and was briefly linked to Ciara Miller. More recently, he was in a three-month relationship with Royal Housewives of Patomac star Ashley Darby. Ashley confirmed the news of their breakup this past January during an episode of Watch What’s Happening Live with Andy Cohen.

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“Luke and I are no longer romantically involved,” the reality star said amid speculation the pair had gone their separate ways after removing photos of each other from social media.

Ashley went on to explain that the reason behind the split actually had a lot to do with her ongoing divorce from estranged husband Michael Darby. “It was my situation with Michael that affected me and Luke,” Ashley said, adding that she and Michael “had a really hard time” with co-parenting and separation. “Really, my life is very complicated. As you can imagine, I am going through a very difficult situation.”

That said, Ashley had nothing but good things to say about her ex Luke, saying: “Luke was a trooper, trust me; he went through some stuff” and said she “fell in love with ” his entire family, whom she met during their time together.

He and Tayshia sparked romance rumors earlier this year

Both reality TV stars first sparked romance rumors after they were spotted on various outings in New York City earlier this year. But what really sealed the deal: all the speculation was actually when Luke’s former costar Lindsay Hubbard posted a group photo on Easter Sunday (then deleted) that showed the duo holding hands. Ahem, note:

Oh, and here’s Lindsay’s re-uploaded version with Luke and Tayshia cut out 👀:

Lindsay finally spoke out about the whole ordeal, saying, “I didn’t know they were holding hands until everyone started commenting and was like, ‘Oh, they’re holding hands!’ And I was like, ‘Oh sh*t, they’re holding hands!’…But I understand what it’s like to be in the public and the pressure you feel from viewers and fans [and] everywhere.”

Sources say it’s serious!

At least a source who spoke to Our Weekly said, “They may seem like they’re moving fast, but they don’t care what other people think.” According to the insider, Luke and Tayshia have developed significant feelings for each other and not only “love each other”, but are “serious about their future”. How serious, you ask? Well…

They went shopping 👀

Earlier this month, the former Bachelorette and Summer house alum was spotted trying on rings (!!) during a trip to Tiffany & Co. in New York City. But wait, there’s more! According to the publication, the duo not only picked out some truly massive stones, but also saw Tayshia staring at her left hand while trying one on *and* the two consulted with a jeweler. An eyewitness even confirmed the couple were “100 percent looking at engagement rings”. Mood:

It is an image

Aaaand that’s about all we know right now, but based on how things are moving between Tayshia and Luke, you’ll want to check back here for more 🍵.

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Who Is Tayshia Adams’ Boyfriend, Luke Gulbranson?

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