Who is Soccer AM legend Tubes? – The Sun

    Tubes is a popular TV star known for Soccer Am

Who is Soccer AM legend Tubes? – The Sun

SOCCER AM fans were devastated when it was revealed the show had been cancelled.

But the legend of the show’s ill-fated Tubes will live on.


Tubes is a popular TV star known for Soccer AmCredit: Instagram

Who is Tubes from Soccer AM?

Tubes, whose real name is Peter Dale, is known for Sky’s hit show Soccer AM.

He was originally an assistant producer on the show, but became known for his comedic performances.

Tubes’ popular role on the now-cancelled show would turn up and “Ask one question and one question only” to a celebrity guest.

He will then perform a ridiculous “rap” before asking the person a question.

Tubes often rip open his button-up shirt, revealing his bare chest.

Before getting sober, Tubes’ weekly binge drinking ex-Soccer AM host Tim Lovejoy called on bar owners across the country to ban Tubes from their establishments for its own good.

What condition does Tubes have?

In January 2018, Tubes suffered a heart attack.

He took to Instagram to reveal he was in hospital, posting a photo of himself attached to machinery.

He said: “I had a very unexpected massive heart attack on Sunday.

“Can’t thank the surgeons and staff at the St. Peters Hospital Chertsey and the ambulance crew.

“If it wasn’t for your quick and efficient work, I might not have written this message now.

“Thanks. Lots of work to do and surgery to undergo but I’m slowly on the road to recovery. Big love, yours in foooooooootball. Tubes x.”

Tubes also struggled with alcoholism and was very honest about the condition.

He revealed to him in 2020 how he tried to take his own life at the height of his drinking.

He talks in a video on his YouTube channel, Tubes and Ange Golf Lifehe said candidly, “But about six months later [after his dad died] the drinking just absolutely skyrocketed, [I] wash [drinking] bottles of vodka like drinking water and my sanity was all over the shop.

“It was a joke. I’m not going to lie and I hate to say it, but the amount of times I wanted to end it because it could have completely ruined me.

“Once I was pissed off and tried to run in front of a moving car.”

Then in 2022 he told Today’s golfer how he traded drinking for golf.

He told the outlet: “About five and a half years ago I made the decision to stop drinking and upset everyone around me.

“Then I realized I had so many more hours in the day, so I was like, ‘What can I do that doesn’t involve going down to the bar?’

“I used to be bored with golf, but now I can play all day, every day. I absolutely love it.

“So basically I traded the alcohol for golf clubs…”

What are Tubes doing now?

Tubes remained on Soccer AM, despite a number of cast changes.

He no longer asks questions on the live show, but instead appears in his own segment where he interviews football players.

Tubes also has a YouTube channel based around golf, which he hosts with his brother Ange, called Tubes And Ange Golf Life.

On the channel, they play golf against a number of different personalities, including former footballers Jimmy Bullard and Glenn Hoddle.

Is Tubes married and does he have any children?

Tubes is not married, and is a single man (as of 2023).

He previously explained that he had girlfriends, but the relationships suffered due to his alcoholism.

Tubes have no children.

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Who is Soccer AM legend Tubes? – The Sun

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