What Emma Chamberlain Is Buying Right Now: Cameras, Body Oil, and the Most Versatile Shoes

Emma Chamberlain Canon food content creator

What Emma Chamberlain Is Buying Right Now: Cameras, Body Oil, and the Most Versatile Shoes

Emma Chamberlain talks about cameras the way some people talk about cars, baseball stats or the latest drama Vanderpump Rules: with passion and a deep, impressive knowledge. It only makes sense, of course, since the wildly popular content creator, host and entrepreneur says she started her career at the age of 16 with a Canon camera. Now, some six years later, the host of the Met Gala live stream has partnered with the brand to help inspire up-and-coming creators.

It’s a collaboration that seems almost destined to be. “My father is an artist, and I bought a Canon T2i to take still images from which he could paint,” she says Shine. “Fast forward to me wanting to shoot my first YouTube video, and he was like, ‘Let’s just use my camera.’ Eventually I graduated to the G7X, which is the perfect little handheld camera. Then I got the M50 after that and probably had four G7Xs. I just graduated to the R50. But even now, when it comes to filming, I still love the G7X. It’s just as good. Pop it in your pocket, put it on one of those little tripods, and take it with you everywhere. They were just part of my kit from literally day one.”

Munachi Osegbu

See what I mean? Passion and a deep, impressive knowledge. Chamberlain’s love of cameras is so contagious that by the time I walk out of our 20-minute interview, I’m convinced I’m an expert too. I also leave with a shopping list a mile long based on Chamberlain’s enthusiastic recommendations for everything else, from luggage to cooking oil. As it turns out, she’s been shopping more than usual lately as she prepares for two vacations this summer that—for once—are not for work. “I just want everything out of my peripherals,” she says. “I’m going to Hawaii, and then Maine sometime this summer. It’s one of the best places in the world.”

so for Shine‘s latest edition of What I Buy Now, the 22-year-old dishes on the perfect cross-body suit, the shoes that work for any occasion, and the chic and inexpensive travel razor she brings everywhere.

My favorite bag for everyday use—and the Met Gala

I just got these two beautiful bags from Miu Miu. I have one in black and one in white and they both have a zipper. They are the perfect camera bag. Me actually wore the black one at the Met Gala on my second look. It fits a small tripod and the camera, and that’s the key. It’s crossbody or just a handheld. It ticks all the boxes.

My hand luggage is checked

No check bags. I recently got my first RIMOWA bag, and I spied on the dark green hand luggage. This is my little birthday present to myself [Chamberlain turned 22 on May 22]. Feel lucky, right? It’s finally the whole year where I can sing that Taylor Swift song about feeling 22. So thank God, finally made it. I love too A Carhartt backpack and Carhartt camera bag for all my big gear. They are the best. They are truly useful to a T, and they have everything you need. I actually like the kind of work atmosphere they have. They are very straight to the point, look cool enough and get the job done.

The most versatile pair of shoes I own

When it comes to travel, you need a versatile pair of shoes. I like to match the shoe with the sunglasses. I have these low top Converse sneakers from Acne Studios. They are low top, lace up. It’s so simple, so versatile, goes well with everything. But then I also love a dark brown loafer. I have one of wanderer It’s incredible. These are my go-to shoes.

My favorite cheap (and expensive) sunglasses

Usually I go for a really solid brown pair or a simple gold wire pair because I always wear my gold earrings. I really love vintage. I have so many pairs of vintage glasses from the 90s, from Depop which is like $15. They are great. High quality, dead stock that was just kind of sitting in a warehouse somewhere, and they have cool shapes. For an extravagance, I love gucci glasses. I have two pairs I’m obsessed with and wear all the time. And Warby Parker too. They are my favorite for reading glassesespecially.

The makeup and skincare products I always travel with

I try to keep the routine as simple as possible when I travel since I started. Mini Lancôme Genifique Serum is a need, as well as their bright sunscreen, which is great. and the Génifique night cream as well as the Clarify Serum. [Ed. note: Chamberlain is a Lancôme global ambassador.]

Lancôme Advanced Génifique Night Cream with Triple Ceramide Complex

Lancôme Clarifique Pro-Solution Brightening and Dark Spot Reducing Serum

When it comes to my hair, I love it UNITE’s hair oilas well as Oribe’s Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil. That’s wonderful. And I pack my little Billie razor with the cute travel case.

The fragrance worth it

I have a few things in life that I brag about, one of which is the Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Baccarat Rouge 540 eau de parfum. That flavor is so good. I just love it and can’t stop loving it.

The body oil that smells amazing

The Sol De Janeiro Body Oil smells so good I love using it after the shower because it just smells so good. And that just sets me up for success, even if I’m not spraying a scent.

The hostess gift I always give

A bag of coffee or 10. I mean, of course, it’s kind of narcissistic to be like, “Here’s a gift from my brand.” But I have so many products and can’t get through them all, and everyone who drinks coffee needs more coffee at all times. So I like to give Chamberlain coffee to everyone. Oops. I will admit it.

The pet accessory that brings me peace of mind

An Apple AirTag you can attach to a pet’s collar. If your cats are like mine and you are afraid of them getting out and being eaten by a coyote, this will change your life. You can order a necklace anywhere. Just search “Apple AirTag animal necklace.” [Ed. note: An air tag for your pet is not always recommended, so do your research depending on what works for you.]

Jessica Radloff is the Shine senior West Coast editor, and author of the New York Times best selling book, The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series, available here.

What Emma Chamberlain Is Buying Right Now: Cameras, Body Oil, and the Most Versatile Shoes

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