‘Virgin River’ Season 5: Everything We Know

Virgin River Hope Connie Lizzie season four

‘Virgin River’ Season 5: Everything We Know

*Jack is the father of Mel’s unborn baby girl. (There was some concern that the baby belonged to Mark, Mel’s late husband.)

*Jack is not the father of Charmaine’s twins. She lied to him all the time. (We also found out that she broke up with her boyfriend, Todd). So who is the father of the twins? TBD, although Henderson told us at the time that the reveal was “really, really good. It’s juicy.”

*And then there are the lives of Preacher, Brady, Doc, Hope, Brie, Ricky, Christopher, Paige, Cameron, Denny, and more. Needless to say, this upcoming season is going to be packed.

(L to R) Annette O’Toole as Hope, Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie, Nicola Cavendish as Connie in season four.


There is a new showrunner this season. What does it mean?

After four seasons down Virgin River showrunner Sue Tenney, a passing of the torch took place before season five. Patrick Sean Smith—who previously worked with Netflix on Dolly Parton’s heart strings anthology series and was an executive producer on Greek and Chase life-was brought in after Tenney moved on to other projects.

While some fans may not want to change, Smith’s hiring is a good thing. For one, he loves that the show brings joy to so many, and wants to keep it that way while also introducing some exciting new elements. “The fact that it can bring so much comfort, and do it so successfully, is what I want to continue in the program. I want to keep telling surprising but emotional character stories,” he said Shine last summer. “I want it to feel like season five will be next level.”

Smith went on to add that “some storylines … have run their course. So we’re looking at wrapping up some things, but then also going back to the beginning. There were a lot of relationships that we’ve had over the course of the series. couldn’t really explore that much. I was excited to see Jack and Hope again because it was a relationship that I felt was so strong, so specific, so unique and so beautifully played. I want to understand how Jack and Hope know each other and what their relationship is to each other. What is their background? And who haven’t we seen together in stories yet?

‘Virgin River’ Season 5: Everything We Know

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