‘The Flash’ ending explained: Does Barry kill Eddie in the finale? Everything to know

Stills from The Flash

‘The Flash’ ending explained: Does Barry kill Eddie in the finale? Everything to know

After nine seasons, the hit CW series ‘The Flash’ officially came to an end on May 24, 2023. The show’s executive producer – Eric Wallace confirmed ‘The Flash’ final season in August 2022. Wallace said: ‘Nine years of saving Central City as you take audiences on an emotional journey full of heart, humor and spectacle. And now Barry Allen has reached the starting gate for his final race.’ The executive producer also thanked the cast for putting together this amazing show.

This hit CW series is the last Arrowverse to make its final bow. The series finale of The Flash sees some of Barry Allen’s former enemies return to try and gain control of the timeline and destroy the Flash forever.

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‘The Flash’ ending explained

The series finale sees the return of Eddie Thawne and another enemy of Barry’s. Allen teams up with other members of Team Flash such as Allegra Garcia, Virtue, Khione, and more. On the other hand, Eddie builds his own team of super villains like Zoom, Godspeed, Savitar, and more.

After defeating supervillains one by one, Barry finds himself at a standstill because he doesn’t want to kill Eddie, but he has to stop the Negative Speed ​​​​Force. Barry makes a suggestion to Eddie: he can remain the Negative Speed ​​​​Force’s avatar, but he must not give into the darkness. At the end, Eddie comes to and destroys the blue crystal they possess.

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Stills from The Flash

After Barry and Eddie make up, the former returns to the hospital while Iris gives birth to their daughter – Nora. The final scene shows Barry and Iris adjusting to life as parents of a newborn child. Allen also reveals that he has given some of his power to others, including Jess Chambers, Max Mercury, and Avery Ho.

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‘The Flash’ ending explained: Does Barry kill Eddie in the finale? Everything to know

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