The Bachelor for Boomers Is Coming

Golden Bachelor

The Bachelor for Boomers Is Coming

You don’t age from falling in love! while the Bachelor and Bachelorette Franchises traditionally have dental hygienists and personal trainers in their mid-20s, there’s no rule that says the sixty-plus crowd isn’t just as romantic, if not more so. Since they have, you know, life experiences and fully developed personalities.

In The Golden Bachelor, the latest addition to ABC’s primetime lineup, a silver fox (we assume) will choose a woman for the next (uh, last?) part of his life. According to a press release, “On this all-new unscripted series, a hopeless romantic gets a second chance at love in search of a partner with whom he can share life’s sunset years. The women who arrive at the mansion have an experience of a lifetime, living through love, loss and laughter, hoping for a spark that ignites a future full of endless possibilities Will our Golden Man end up turning the page to a new chapter with the wife of his dreams to begin?


Second Chance… is there a guy who was on the show twenty years ago and it didn’t work out and now he’s coming back, or are we reading too much into this? OR, WAIT, Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss just left the franchise… and is currently single… if he set this whole thing up just to find a new wife, bravo.

Can only imagine the kind of DMs the contestants will get when the show ends, the discourse it will spark…honestly, can’t wait.

No word yet on when the whole thing kicks off, but it will air Mondays at 10pm ET, and we’ll be watching with a glass of wine in one hand and our phones in the other. What, like you’re not going to text your mom during every commercial break?

The Bachelor for Boomers Is Coming

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