Stormzy sparks outrage by hiring a monkey to help him prepare drugs in new music video

Stormzy plans to make a monkey in his latest video

Stormzy sparks outrage by hiring a monkey to help him prepare drugs in new music video

STORMZY will always push the boundaries with his visuals.

But the British rapper is about to spark outrage with his next video – in which a monkey helps him prepare weed for a joint.


Stormzy plans to make a monkey in his latest videoCredit: PA

The Vossi Bop star shot the scenes in North London this week and appeared with the monkey trained to handle drug paraphernalia.

Scripts and storyboards seen by Bizarre show how the video’s directors intended to show the monkey with a “weed grinder” sitting next to Stormzy on a couch.

The device is used to break down marijuana into smaller pieces so that it can be rolled into a joint.

It will appear in the video after a new track, about lyrics about rolling cigarettes.

Inside Little Mermaid performs with Stormzy and Goddaughters in front of O2 Silver Clef
Maya Jama is back with ex Stormzy after a series of secret visits to his home

During the scenes, Stormzy raps: “I’m the black Kate Bush, the mandem don’t talk, they rock.

“I don’t jump on a tune and talk about shush.

“I’d rather make cigars and push out all these fibs you’re pushing.”

I thought we had come a long way since the eighties when Michael Jackson kept a chimpanzee named Bubbles, and chimps were seen drinking PG Tips in TV commercials.

But it seems Stormzy thinks this strange use of wild animals is worth it for a cheap laugh.

Curiously, this comes three years after he revealed that he was encouraging people to quit smoking weed.

Speaking to south London charity Carney’s Community, he said: “If you have mental health problems, stop smoking weed. It’s not good for your mental health.

“I have suffered with mental health problems for the past few years. When I felt depressed, I locked myself away and smoked weed and I just got worse and worse and worse.

“It doesn’t help your situation. It will screw you up. It feels good for 20 minutes, then after. . . we all know, we weed smokers, we know how it goes.”

Stormzy’s new song will be his first release since his third LP This Is What I Mean came out in November.

I just hope there is no more monkey business in the future.

Glasto dance blessings

GLASTONBURY 2023 has a nightlife line-up sure to keep all punters happy.

Key party venue Block9 has revealed The Blessed Madonna – who has been working with Dua Lipa big time in 2020 – will be performing.

Other dance music stars set to play across the area’s cool venues next month include Four Tet, Jamz Supernova, Gideon and Eliza Rose.

Weird venue NYC Downlow is back, with Dua and Roisin Murphy having been seen there in the past.

A tribute to the late Paul O’Grady will feature 30 drag queens.

Brit back to mummy

BRITNEY Spears has made a shock U-turn and reunited with her mother after years of badmouthing her online.

The Gimme More singer partly blamed mum Lynne for starting her conservatorship.

Britney Spears is said to have met her estranged mother, Lynne Spears


Britney Spears is said to have met her estranged mother, Lynne SpearsCredit: Getty

She accused her of not helping her escape the legal setup that gave dad Jamie control over Britney’s life and finances.

But in a surprise twist, the star met Lynne this week and said they had smoothed things over.

Britney wrote on Instagram: “My sweet mommy showed up on my doorstep yesterday after three years. It is so long.

“With family there are always things that need to be worked out… but time heals all wounds!!!

“And after being able to communicate what I’ve been holding in for a very long time, I feel so blessed that we were able to try to make things RIGHT!!! I love you so much!!!

“Psss… I’m so blessed that after 14 years we can have coffee together!!! Let’s go shopping after that!!!”

In 2021, Britney said: “My dad may have started the conservatorship 13 years ago, but what people don’t know is that my mom is the one who gave him the idea!!!!

“I’ll never get those years back… she secretly ruined my life.”

When Lynne tried to make a public apology last October, Britney said: “! Mom take your apology and f*** yourself!!!”

Chelsea team tea party

GOLFERS at one of the country’s most exclusive courses were treated to a surprise when the Made In Chelsea cast arrived for filming.

Insiders told me that members of the Hampton Court Palace Golf Club in South West London got more than they bargained for when the toffees took off with a camera crew in tow.

I know people who are lucky enough to play a round or two there and I have to get out myself.

But I will see that the Made In Chelsea fate does not play the hole in front of me.

A good time for Red fans

SIMPLY Red fans are in for a treat with their 13th album, Time, out now.

Frontman Mick Hucknall wrote the 12-track record during lockdown – and it’s clear that the time he spent with his family brought out the best in his songwriting.

Mick Hucknall's new album bursts with emotion and stands out from the crowd


Mick Hucknall’s new album bursts with emotion and stands out from the crowdCredit: Getty

The album’s first single, the catchy Better With You, is about meeting his wife Gabriella, and many of the songs on Time appear to be odes to their romance.

Unrequited love and heartbreak reverberate in It Wouldn’t Be Me and Never Be Gone, while Mick brings political views back into his music with protest song Hey Mister.

His silky smooth voice is also still perfectly intact, 40 years into his career.

The record is full of emotion and although it’s a musical departure from the R ‘n’ B soul vibe of his 2019 album Blue Eyed Soul, Time more than stands out in the crowd – with Just Like You that ‘ bringing a touch of classic Simply Red. .

Listen and enjoy with a drink in the garden. You will not regret it.

Raye’s jet lag

RAYE was in a mad rush to get back to the UK for Radio 1’s Big Weekend when her flight from the US turned around.

She was flying home yesterday after shows in the States, but the plane turned back after a problem with the jet and she was forced to get off.

It meant the Escapism singer faced a rush to get to Dundee in time for her Big Weekend show tomorrow.

Raye revealed: “We’re stuck in the airport.

“They said, ‘There’s a problem with the plane, so we’re just going to take you back to America.’

“I don’t have time for this. We have a show in a day and now I really hope we don’t miss it. I am tired.

“When I don’t sleep, the first thing to go is my throat, so pray for me.

Nelly turns up the food

NELLY Furtado poses in this skin-tight mini dress as she confirms her comeback.

It has been 23 years since the Canadian star sang I’m Like A Bird and her sixth album, The Ride, was released in 2017.

Nelly Furtado has confirmed she is making her music comeback


Nelly Furtado has confirmed she is making her music comebackCredit: Unknown, clear with picture desk
Nelly looked amazing on the cover of Fault magazine


Nelly looked amazing on the cover of Fault magazine

She appears in Wrong magazine to mark her return, teaming up with Australian house music DJ Dom Dolla for the track Eat Your Man, out next Friday.

Lewis’s sales are heavenly

LEWIS Capaldi has the fastest selling album of the year with Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent.

It outperformed the rest of the Top 20 combined.
Lewis has already had three No1 singles – Pointless, Forget Me and Wish You The Best – from the record and has now achieved the biggest sales week of his career.

It topped the charts after selling more than 95,000 copies in a week in the UK, eclipsing the 76,000 copies Ed Sheeran sold of his album Subtract in a single week earlier this month.

Lewis with his No1 trophy, told Official Charts: “What does it profit a man if he wins the world but loses his soul? A f**king No1 album, baby!

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Stormzy sparks outrage by hiring a monkey to help him prepare drugs in new music video

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