Simon Cowell reflects on devastating bike accident: It happened for a reason

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Simon Cowell reflects on devastating bike accident: It happened for a reason

Simon Cowell, the notoriously critical judge on the hit NBC show America’s Got Talent, had a life-changing accident while riding an electric bike in 2020. Despite the painful incident, Cowell believes it happened for a reason. happened, what a profound shift in his outlook on life. In an interview with TODAY’s Jason Kennedy alongside fellow AGT stars Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum and Terry Crews, Cowell opened up about the transformative impact of the accident on his physical and mental well-being.

Describing his condition before the accident, Cowell admitted: “It was painful, it wasn’t great. I was so unfit before the accident though. I didn’t know how unfit I was until I had to do all this stuff afterwards.” The incident served as a wake-up call, prompting Cowell to rethink his lifestyle choices and prioritize his health. Reflecting on the experience, he added, “And I’m like, ‘My God.’ Such things, I believe, happened for a reason.”

Interestingly, Cowell’s love for cycling remains undimmed, despite the accident. Determined to continue pursuing his passion, he claimed: “I’m still going to stay on my bike. I’m obsessed with these things.” Aged 63, Cowell underwent a grueling six-hour operation following the accident, but expressed gratitude for avoiding a more serious outcome. He revealed, “It could have been a lot worse. When I saw the X-ray, I almost shattered my spine, so I literally wouldn’t be able to walk,” in an interview with “Extra” in February 2021 .

Now, Cowell is set to make his return on the 18th season of “America’s Got Talent,” marking his fourth season working with Crews, Mandel, Vergara and Klum. While Cowell has made a name for himself as a no-nonsense judge of talent, he emphasized the strong bond between the “AGT” co-stars, referring to them as family. “When we say we are a family, it actually feels that way because we love each other,” he expressed with warmth.

Fans can eagerly anticipate the premiere of the new season of “America’s Got Talent” on May 30 at 8:00 PM ET on NBC. The return of Cowell and the rest of the beloved gang is sure to bring excitement, remarkable talent and heartfelt moments to audiences worldwide.

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Simon Cowell reflects on devastating bike accident: It happened for a reason

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