Shoeless hunks reclaim ‘hot girl’ season

Jacob Elordi in leopard jacket, holding coffee, not wearing shoes

Shoeless hunks reclaim ‘hot girl’ season

Who let the dogs out?

A-list cages are caught barefoot – in the public.

Before you ask, no, they’re not on the beach, nor are they dashing down the driveway to grab the mail. They bare all 10 toes on the scorching hot Los Angeles sidewalk while running errands and grabbing a bite to eat—making the internet squirm.

“Barefoot boy summer,” replacing “short king spring,” is the bold cousin of “hot girl summer,” a 2019 trend inspired by Megan Thee Stallion’s iconic “hot girl” attitude.

The phrase — or rather, lifestyle — is for people who are the “life of the party,” unapologetically themselves, and “can be a bad bra,” the rapper told The Root.

Jacob Elordi’s barefoot coffee walk sparked viral turmoil last month.

The new barefoot trend, which toes the line between normality and absurdity, is a stark contrast to the freakishly large shoes that have been in Fashion lately.

A stripped down rebuttal to the likes of MSCHF’s Big Red Boots and Prada’s puffy loafers, taking the dogs out for a walk so to speak, seems to be in order.

On the runway, <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Etro’s men’s spring 2023 collection Featured models wearing breezy styles, many sporting chunky toe rings that can only shine without shoes.

Meanwhile, the campaign for <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Gravalot’s men’s spring 2023 collection was sitting on a beach with not a shoe in sight. same season, <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Arturo Obegero’s futuristic menswear line a lack of kicks of any kind.

Even famous Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld once said “being barefoot is chic.”

But the thought of walking down a dirty city street without any foot protection—not even those woven runner contraptions—is a gut-wrenching prospect. Just think of all the pee, puke and pathogens the pavement picks up. yuck.

The podiatric intrigue began last month when pictures came up again of “Euphoria” heartthrob Jacob Elordi walking barefoot with coffee in hand has circulated online. The snaps of the Aussie actor (25) have become a viral sensation, but cringe critics called him a “menace”.

“Did you go into the coffee shop barefoot? It’s gross!” TikToker Blakely Thornton said in a clip striking the star’s nonsensical garb.

Amidst the Elordi buzz, musician Mike Sabath, a member of Shawn Mendes’ infamous smoothie groupwas spotted walking down a busy Malibu street without shoes. Survey people online she decided to walking barefoot through LAwith some saying they “hate it.”

“I don’t usually wear shirts or shoeshonestly,” Sabath (25) told New York Magazine’s The Cut, which first declared the liberating fad. “I just feel more free.”

Mike Sabath, left, with Shawn Mendes, right, on coffee run
Mike Sabath, a musician and partner of Shawn Mendes, told New York Magazine that he rarely wears shoes.

The Post has reached out to Sabath and Elordi for comment.

While the trend may not be so far-fetched for the California coast, most are New Yorkerson the other side, will not touch sandalslet alone flip flops -with a 10 foot pole.

Unless you’re Drew Barrymore – whose natural attire is just a step too far.

The daytime host, 48, was taken two years ago barefoot on the streets of Manhattan dressed in sweats.

Meanwhile, TikTokers recoiled when they spotted NYC photographer Nick Hudson barefoot on the Bed-Stuy sidewalk. The Australian told New York Magazine that it’s more acceptable at home, which may also explain Elordi’s lack of acceptable city shoes.

This may be the literal interpretation of Australia’s so-called “<a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>barefoot luxury” — the sustainably produced and elegantly understated style that has become a hallmark of the country’s Fashion, which shares similarities with the “quiet luxury” tendency.

But podiatrists warn against throwing care to the wind and your shoes in the trash.

While some assumed a totally barefoot lifestyleexperts at Gotham Footcare in Manhattan warns of the dangers of always being barefoot.

Bacteria, viruses and fungi run rampant on the hard ground, not to mention the possibility of stepping on something sharp.

But the podiatry group has declared sand and grass generally safe — in other words, just leave the dogs on the beach for an ideal (and hygienic) “barefoot boy summer.”

Shoeless hunks reclaim ‘hot girl’ season

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