Modern Love Chennai Review: Imaigal, Lalagunda Bommaigal episodes stand out; Every story feels a tad stretched


Modern Love Chennai Review: Imaigal, Lalagunda Bommaigal episodes stand out; Every story feels a tad stretched

Title: Modern love Chennai

Directors: Bharathirajaa, Thiagarajan Kumararaja, Akshay Sundher, Balaji Sakthivel, Rajumurugan and Krishnakumar Ramakumar

Stream on: Amazon Prime India

Language: Tamil (with subtitles)

Summary: The six-episode anthology, Modern Love Chennai is an endearing and tasteful celebration of love, friendship and relationships with most of them rooted in the city. It offers a bouquet of unique love stories set in the city of Chennai that push boundaries and open minds. Each episode is different and unrelated, meaning you can pick any episode and watch it. Nothing outstanding, but offers a mix of stories about love and heartbreak.

Music Connect

Margazhi is directed by Akshay Sunder and the story is adapted and written by Balaji Tharaneetharan. A heartwarming story, Margazhi is about two young children who meet at choir class. Their parents’ divorce is what they have in common. The story starts slowly, but it will start to get to you as sweetness comes in a package of beautiful, old-school love story. The message of the need to accept what is, what can or will be and what may never be hits home. Nenjil Oru Minnal is lively and cheerful and will have you singing along as you imagine yourself – on a windy night, sitting on a beach. A slice-of-life conversation between them at the end is everything. The director sends out a powerful message in the most beautiful way possible – there should be no cultural differences when he is in love.

Embrace imperfections


Imaigal is directed by Balaji Sakthivel, and the story is adapted and written by Balaji Tharaneetharan. Starring Ashok Selvan and TJ Bhanu, Imaigal is a story about a woman facing imminent blindness, who one day confesses it to her husband. He promises to love her regardless. Will their love endure when life gets in the way? It is an intense story with strongly etched characters. Another love story that stands out but feels dry in parts, although not forced. This story hits the heart.

The feeling of being in love

Kaadhal Enbadhu Kannula Heart Irukkura Emoji

Kaadhal Enbadhu Kannula Heart Irukkura Emoji is directed by Krishnakumar Ramakumar and the story is adapted and written by Reshma Ghatala. Starring Ritu Varma, Samyuktha Viswanathan, Pawan Alex and Aniiruth Kanakarajan, the story is about a hopelessly romantic, cinema-obsessed 90s kid. Ritu Varma has been a part of many feel good romance movies including Oke Oka Jeevitham and Pelli Choopulu this is another good addition. From a school romance to a budding love story, Kaadhal Enbadhu Kannula Heart Irukkura Emoji shows love and romance from a woman’s point of view. However, the story is dragged down by straightforward writing. What really stands out and works here is the music composed by GV Prakash Kumar. The episode is filled with multiple plot points and romantic movie tropes.


Ninaivo Oru Paravai

Ninaivo Oru Paravai is directed by Thiagarajan Kumararaja, and the story is adapted and written by Thiagarajan Kumararaja. The music is composed by Maestro Ilaiyaraaja. Featuring Wamiqa Gabbi and PB, this episode is high on aesthetic work but lacks moving content. Ilaiyaraja’s classic Ninaivo Oru Paravai certainly brings a slice of joy. However, the story here is a big puzzle.

There is no life without love

Paravai Kootil Vaazhum Maangal

Paravai Kootil Vaazhum Maangal Directed by Bharathiraja is the story in a simple line: “Where, with whom and for what do we fall in love?.” The story of this episode is adapted and written by Pratheep Kumar S, with music composed by Maestro Ilaiyaraaja. Starring Kishore, Ramya Nambessan and Vijayalakshmi, the story revolves around a college professor and how she deals with an uncertain situation and unfolds memories of a married man. The music is the heart and soul of this story. Ilaiyaraaja concluded a western symphonic with Indian musical and vintage sensibilities. However, the story falls flat, quite dragged and can end up testing your moral compass.

Love cannot be perfect

Lalagunda Bommaigal

Lalagunda Bommaigal is directed by Rajumurugan and the story is adapted and written by Rajumurugan with music composed by Sean Roldan. Featuring Sri Gouri Priya, Vasudevan Murali and Vasundhara, the story is about a heartbroken but sharp-tongued young butter biscuit maker. Rustic tunes and a unique love story with a fun twist make this a decent watch. The climax and final shot add life to it. A lovely movie to watch!

Throughout, Modern Love Chennai is all about warm, cherry stories with mesmerizing performances from the core cast. What doesn’t work though is that each episode is a bit drawn out.

What works and is exceptional is how each director managed to break the routine and tried a new pattern. Speaking of music, there is freshness in the rhythms.

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Modern Love Chennai Review: Imaigal, Lalagunda Bommaigal episodes stand out; Every story feels a tad stretched

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