Kosas DreamBeam Sunscreen Review 2023

Kosas DreamBeam Sunscreen Review ring light

Kosas DreamBeam Sunscreen Review 2023

I can always tell when summer is near because my mother, grandmother, aunt, and multiple friends start texting to ask what tinted SPF I suggest. My answer? The new Kosas DreamBeam Sunscreen, which happens to also be one of Hailey Bieber’s must-havealso.

If this sounds familiar – especially from me – you may know how much I love the Kosas Revealer Skin-Improving Foundation and Revealer Concealer—I even named the foundation as one of the best beauty products released last year. However, my obsession with Kosas DreamBeam Sunscreen is not a blind devotion to the brand: I knew and know that it is rare to love each product any brand releases. So while I was thrilled that my go-to makeup line was finally launching a dedicated SPF, I knew not to get my hopes up, and tested the SPF as if it were some mystery product from an anonymous brand.

It’s now five weeks of testing through various temperatures, climates and environments, so I feel confident in declaring that the results are very much in: Kosas has miraculously done it again, and the DreamBeam Sunscreen has officially been inducted into my personal skincare hall of fame. (which I believe is more selective than the Rock’n’Roll version).

Formulated with peptides, ceramides hyaluronic acid, and allantoin, DreamBeam is the perfect blend of skincare meets non-irritating SPF and meets a “no makeup makeup” dewy finish. The lightweight mineral sunscreen formula plumps, hydrates and smoothes the skin like a facial serum, while a subtle peach-pink tint corrects discoloration and redness, leaving you with a radiant complexion. If you don’t like coverage, don’t worry: The tint is very subtle. It’s more of a faded or slightly color correcting effect, which I think looks so good that it turns me – the queen of full-on makeup – into a minimalist girl.

I have already adopted it as my “in between” day cover. On days when I’m too busy (or sweaty) for a full face of foundation, I throw on some DreamBeam and tinted lip balm and go on my way. It’s just enough for me to feel confident without any makeup, but so low and lightweight it looks and feels effortless, like I’m wearing nothing. I actually spent the last week in LA visiting family, and since LA culture is so sporty, I rocked my DreamBeam look and bike shorts every day, and have never felt happier or TBH, more comfortable. Even my skin could breathe.

Wear Kosas DreamBeam Sunscreen

Kosas DreamBeam Sunscreen Review

Wear Kosas DreamBeam Sunscreen, sunlight

But the best part? DreamBeam manages to take it all off without triggering my very oily yet sensitive skin. I wore DreamBeam all day long in humidity in New York, sun and heat in Los Angeles, and Miami’s combination of the two (and then some), and it actually stays on my face and protects my skin without clogging pores, causing excess oil production, exacerbating rosacea, or breaking me out—even while I’m having a wearing a face mask on an airplane.

Kosas DreamBeam Sunscreen Review 2023

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