Khloe Kardashian critics ‘freaked out’ by her ‘bizarre’ body part in shocking new photo

Kardashian critics are 'horrified' by one of Khloe Kardashian's body parts

Khloe Kardashian critics ‘freaked out’ by her ‘bizarre’ body part in shocking new photo

KHLOE Kardashian’s critics were shocked after noticing how odd one of her body parts looked in a new photo.

Critics took note of the “bizarre” body part in a new clip from the Hulu series, The Kardashians, which premiered Thursday.


Kardashian critics are ‘horrified’ by one of Khloe Kardashian’s body partsCredit: REDDIT/HULU
A screenshot from an episode of The Kardashian's was posted on Reddit and many fans commented on her hands


A screenshot from an episode of The Kardashian’s was posted on Reddit and many fans commented on her handsCredit: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

A screenshot of Khloe, 38, giving her sister Kendall Jenner a hug at a party celebrating the supermodel’s tequila brand, 818, has made its way onto a Kardashian internet forum.

One remarked how “big” the mother-of-two’s hands were – many believe her nails are to blame.

The KUWTK alum had long, pointy red nails in the cut.


“How are her hands so big? Freaky,” asked the original Reddit poster.

“Her nails don’t help. It makes her hands look so much longer than they already are,” another pointed out.

“It’s her nails that make them look bigger, or at least bring more attention to them,” agreed a third.


This week, Khloe was seen showing off her shrinking bum while wearing a tight catsuit in unedited photos before driving her baby daddy Tristan Thompson’s car.

Khlo – who has lost a drastic amount of weight over the past year – showed off her tiny frame after filming for The Kardashians on Tuesday.

The TV personality was seen leaving a studio after filming with her cousin CiCi Bussey.

Khlo teamed her catsuit with a pair of thigh-high black boots.

She accessorized with a simple silver chain necklace and concealed her features with large black sunglasses.

Her derriere looked visibly smaller than usual – despite fans speculating for years that she had butt implants.

The reality star got into Tristan’s car, a Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and drove off.

Khloe started raising concerns last year about her drastic weight loss following her Tristan cheating scandal.

The NBA star (32) revealed in January 2022 that he had secretly fathered a son with his mistress, fitness model Maralee Nichols (31).

After a month of speculation, Tristan confirmed he is son Theo’s father and issued a public apology to Khloe.

He admitted he met Maralee several times for sex while he was dating Khloe exclusively.

Khloe and Tristan have two children together – daughter True, five, and son Tatum, one.

The former couple welcomed their second child together via surrogate in August 2022.


Khlo recently took to her Instagram story to post a mirror selfie as she prepared to work out in her luxury home gym, claiming it was 4:53am.

She was dressed in a pair of tight black gym leggings and a matching hoody, which she lifted up to show off her slim physique.

Khloe’s next post was a video of her walking on a treadmill as she addressed her 304 million followers.

“So, I train early all the time, but 4:30/5am is brutal for me,” she admitted.

“I can do 6am, I don’t know why, but it’s so much harder, but we’ll see how it goes.

“Happy Friday, God Bless, TGIF!” added the reality TV star, flicking her long blonde hair behind her shoulders.

Khloe appeared to be using a filter on the video and had seriously flushed cheeks and fuller lips, but viewers were more interested in something going on in the background.

Apparently there were some windows in her home gym and many people claimed it couldn’t have been that early in the morning because it was light outside.

khlo caught

in a Reddit thread, many people are discussing why Khloe and her siblings choose to work out so early in the morning when they don’t need to.

“I went to the gym at 5am (so I was at 4:30) strictly because I have an 8-5 job. There is no reason that makes sense for her to do that,” one person said said.

Another wrote: “I have a real regular person (WFH) job and often squeeze in a weekly lunchtime Pilates class or 30 min walk. Like if I can do it so can they why the extreme time EVERY day?”

A third person commented: “And they always work so early with a full face of makeup? With their hair down??? With that long hair they always have to turn when they talk too??? Also in the background you can see it’s too bright outside.”

Another person responded, claiming, “Because she’s a LIAR.”

Someone else said: “It would be completely dark outside at 5am. My shift at the hospital always started at 6 so I know that for a fact.”

And another person pointed out: “Yeah!! Why not just put on makeup and shower afterwards? Also sunrise in LA is 6.14am. It’s blatantly 7am or later here. We can see Khloe out the window!”

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However, others defended Khloe as one wrote: “Honestly it’s TV screens. If you look at her IG stories today you can tell.”

Another replied saying: “Ooooh that makes sense. I know why I didn’t think a Kardashian wouldn’t have a wall of TVs.”

Many critics believed that her long nails were to blame


Many critics believed that her long nails were to blameCredit: Instagram/khloekardashian


“It’s her nails that make them look bigger, or at least draw more attention to them,” wrote one critic.Credit: Instagram/Kardashians

Khloe Kardashian critics ‘freaked out’ by her ‘bizarre’ body part in shocking new photo

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