Kaley Cuoco in Based on a True Story: Everything We Know

Kaley Cuoco based on a true story

Kaley Cuoco in Based on a True Story: Everything We Know

After using her amateur mind to solve a murder in HBO Max’s The flight attendant, Kaley Cuoco returns to streaming, this time on Peacock, where she will use her amateur mind to solve a murder. If it ain’t broke!

Based on a True Story follows Ava Bartlett (Cuoco), a pregnant, true-crime-obsessed Angeleno who, along with her ex-tennis star husband (Chris Messina), decides to try her hand at investigative podcasting. If that sounds like a lot Only murders in the buildingWell, you’re not wrong.


Here’s everything we know about the show:

What is it about?

The Bartletts are on the verge of breaking down when the West Side Ripper, a local serial killer, reveals himself as someone close to their circle. They see a profitable opportunity and decide to start a podcast about the murders and attract the killer himself as a guest. Bodies are found along the road as a plumber joins their detective team. Looks like it’s set in Southern California. We get season 2 and 3 of you vibes. That’s a compliment!

like Only murdersit appears to be a satire of our crime-ridden age, as Ava is seen chatting about My favorite murder with her friends and listening to gruesome news stories first thing in the morning. Hey look, here’s a trailer!

Who is in it?

In addition to Kaley Cuoco and Messina, the cast boasts strange things‘s Natalia Dyer, Tom Bateman, Liana Liberato, Priscilla Quintana, and Annabelle Dexter-Jones, aka Naomi Pierce on succession.

We also have Jessica St. Clair and June Diane Raphael seen as the blonde co-hosts of the murder show Ava watches on her phone. Perfect casting, never mind.

Kaley Cuoco in Based on a True Story: Everything We Know

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