Jennifer Lopez Went Makeup Free to Show Off Her Skincare ‘Contour Hack’

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Jennifer Lopez Went Makeup Free to Show Off Her Skincare ‘Contour Hack’

If you’re too nervous to try the self-tanner contouring hack that’s been blowing up on TikTok, Jennifer Lopez just dropped the perfect summer skin care routine for you.

It seems the JLo Beauty mogul combines her skincare, contouring, and highlighter in two quick steps instead of layering her makeup on top of her serums, moisturizers, and sunscreen like the rest of us. Honestly, this one is perfect for all those fresh-faced girls who can’t stop picking up the Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi drops at Sephora.

On May 18, Lopez shared her “blend and glow” routine on instagramwith her “contour and highlight hack.” Start with a makeup-free face, Lopez suits That JLo Glow serum all over her face before dotting her cheeks, forehead and the area above her jaw with dots That Blockbuster hydrating cream. She then takes her That fresh take eye cream and apply it in dots under her eye. Now comes the fun part.

JLo Beauty That Blockbuster Wonder Cream

Instead of rubbing in her skincare and moving on to makeup, Lopez takes her cream bronzing product of choice—probably That Star Filter complexion enhancer in rich bronze– and dotting it everywhere she would normally apply contour. Finally, she uses That Star Filter complexion enhancer in pink champagnedot it over her nose, cupid’s bow, cheekbones and browbones for that extra glossy highlight.

Finally, she blends everything with her fingers, gently rubbing each area to keep the products in place. voila!

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Top it off with some sunscreen and I can’t think of a better summer skincare routine, whether you’re swapping out Lopez’s products for your usual go-tos or not. To keep the contour in place, Sun Bum’s Daily Sunscreen Facemist with SPF30 might be the best option. For Glamour’s guide to the best sunscreens, according to dermatologists, click here. Remember, the most important step of any routine is sun protection!

Jennifer Lopez Went Makeup Free to Show Off Her Skincare ‘Contour Hack’

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