Is the Apple TV+ series ‘Physical’ to end after three seasons? Here’s what we know

Apple TV+ series 'Physics' (Credit: YouTube)

Is the Apple TV+ series ‘Physical’ to end after three seasons? Here’s what we know

The Rose Byrne-starring dark comedy Physical is finally ending. Apple TV+ has officially announced that the show is coming to an end with its upcoming third season. Directed by Stephanie Laing, Physical debuted on the streaming service in 2021 and was quickly renewed for a second season, which premiered on Apple TV+ last June. The show was renewed for a third season last fall, and now the streamer has announced that new episodes will debut on August 2, 2023.

The show’s executive producer Annie Weisman and star Rose Byrne said that “We are so grateful to Apple, Tomorrow Studios and all of our creative collaborators for the chance to bring Sheila to life in all her gritty glory. With this final season, Sheila’s three-act saga of rebellion, recovery and redemption comes to the satisfying conclusion she and her fans so richly deserve. We feel so proud to share this final chapter with everyone.”

When will ‘Physical’ season 3 be released?

The final season of ‘Physics’ is expected to premiere on August 2, 2023. The final 10 episodes of the Rose Byrne-led series will be released on August 2.

What is Physics about?

Physical is a dark comedy revolving around Sheila Rubin (Byrne), a quietly troubled, seemingly obedient housewife who supports her intelligent but controversial husband’s race for state assembly in the picturesque but uncertain beach paradise of 1980s San Diego. However, Sheila has her own darkly humorous perspective on life that she rarely shares with the public. She struggles with a complex series of internal challenges related to her self-esteem until she finds solace in the most unlikely place—the realm of aerobics.

Sheila debuts her first fitness video in Physique Season 2, which presents her with new challenges and makes it harder for her to achieve her goal of creating “a full-fledged fitness empire.”

Produced by Tomorrow Studios and written by Weisman, the show boasts talented actors such as Della Saba, Lou Taylor Pucci, Ashley Liao, Ian Gomez, Rory Scovel, Paul Sparks, Dierdre Friel, Geoffrey Arend and Zooey Deschanel.

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Is the Apple TV+ series ‘Physical’ to end after three seasons? Here’s what we know

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