I tried Botox — now my eyebrows look like Nike swooshes

Quenlin Blackwell eyebrows on TikTok

I tried Botox — now my eyebrows look like Nike swooshes

Swoop, there it is.

Social media influencer Quenlin Blackwell – aka “Queen Blackwell” – showed off a failed Botox job which she says left her with “Nike swoops” for eyebrows.

“I got Botox in my forehead, and I think something happened,” she screamed TikTok posted last month to her 1.5 million followers.

“Why do they look like Nike swoops?” she screamed again, bursting into nervous laughter.

The Post contacted Blackwell, 22, for comment.

Blackwell ranted about her own appearance on her TikTok.

The video got 462,000 views, with many TikTokers calling her names in the comments.

“GIRL PLEASE TELL ME YOUR LYING,” one viewer yelled.

“How come you’re not crying or freaking out,” asked another.

“This must be a joke bro,” someone else hoped on her behalf.

Others thought that Blackwell’s eyebrows looked like they were “dabbing”.

“Sister’s eyebrows said 🕺,” added another, while more claimed her eyebrows looked like they were dancing.

Blackwell made a series of follow-up videos, responding to people’s comments and answering questions — even advising that she should “fix” her Botox.

“You can’t just let Botox dissolve like fillers,” Blackwell argued in one video. “I’m going to be stuck like this for a minute, and I don’t want to hear about it anymore. I shouldn’t have even told you.”

botox is not permanentwhich usually lasts up to three or four months.

But jokes last forever.

“Brothers have that square root eyebrow √,” suggested one TikToker.

“The way the real one is raised horizontally kills me,” another laughed at her temporary appearance.

One fan even declared, “Those funny eyebrow expressions made me follow!! They are great.”

I tried Botox — now my eyebrows look like Nike swooshes

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