I spent $50K to be Nicki Minaj — her bubble butt is my goal

Rudy Villalobos

I spent $50K to be Nicki Minaj — her bubble butt is my goal

He is one step closer to being “beautiful on film”.

A Nicki Minaj fan has revealed he spent almost $50,000 on plastic surgery to look like the “Queen of Rap”.

“I just remember seeing old pictures of myself and not being happy with how I looked,” Rudy Villalobos, 27, told Jam Press.

Villalobos started his plastic journey in 2020 and has no plans to stop until he achieves the perfect “Barbz” look.

“I want to be a real doll with a very sexy body and a very juicy, big bubble butt,” Villalobos said.

His infatuation with changing his appearance stems from playing with Barbie dolls as a child, and said it motivated him to be whoever he wanted to be.

And Minaj is his perfect version of Barbie. “[She] definitely inspired me,” he said. “I loved her look and wanted to get mine as close to hers as possible.”

Villalobos spent nearly $50,000 to look like rapper Nicki Minaj.
Jam Press/@rudyvmua_

Rudy at the age of 23 just before the operation.
He started going under the knife in 2020 to achieve the “perfect” look.
Jam Press/@rudyvmua_

Villalobos — a makeup artist — admires the “Barbie Dreams” rapper for being one of the first entertainers to embrace butt enhancement.

“She got it when she started her career and was so open about it, even after all the hate and backlash,” he said.

To achieve the Minaj look, I received a Brazilian butt lift, filler, Botox and four sessions of butt injections.

“My experience with the at-bats was not that bad at all,” Villalobos said. “It was a bit painful because you’re not numb, but it wasn’t that bad – I’d do it again.”

Rudy plastic surgery
I received a Brazilian Butt Lift, filler, Botox and four sessions of butt injections.
Jam Press/@rudyvmua_

Rudy Villalobos
Villalobos, who works as a make-up artist, saves all his money to pay for his surgeries.
Jam Press/@rudyvmua_

Rudy Villalobos
The 27-year-old wanted his buns to look similar to Minaj’s so he could maintain the size.
Jam Press/@rudyvmua_

His main goal in the past three years has been to “look as sick as possible.”

Although the 27-year-old has achieved his “Good Shape” body, he wants more cosmetic surgery.

“I want a nose job, jaw filler, buccal fat removal and a brow lift,” Villalobos said, noting that rhinoplasty is next.

“I don’t have an appointment yet, but I’m very excited,” he said of his nose job.

The Los Angelos resident will spend about $5,000 to $6,200 for the surgery, which he will pay for himself.

“I work hard for my money and save from work.”

As the Minaj fan continues to “Rake It Up” for future surgeries, he enjoys his “exotic” look.

Rudy Villalobos
Villalobos realized he didn’t like how he looked at a young age.
Jam Press/@rudyvmua_

Rudy Villalobos
“I want a nose job, jaw filler, buccal liposuction and a brow lift,” Villalobos listed.
Jam Press/@rudyvmua_

He describes himself as “masculine and feminine, which makes guys and girls curious about me.”

Villalobos – who goes by @rudyvmua_ – posts revealing photos and explicit videos showing off his buns to followers.

Many people have mixed reviews about her transformation and journey to look like Minaj.

“It gives ant body,” said one hater.

“Guuuurrrllllll death all day. I need it. Hook me up, sis,” a supporter said.

“Perfection,” added another.

I spent $50K to be Nicki Minaj — her bubble butt is my goal

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