I got lip filler — I can’t close my mouth months later

Her post-procedure lips were swollen and bruised

I got lip filler — I can’t close my mouth months later

A British woman is warning others not to fall for social media’s lip service.

Harriet Green, 23, was horrified to receive a “Love Island”-inspired lip filler which left her unable to close her mouth.

She was influenced to look for a plump bump after her TikTok feed was flooded with videos of Botox, filler and other cosmetic procedures.

“It’s so common these days,” Groen told SWNS. “I don’t judge people – when you’ve never done something, you don’t know what to expect.”

She was pumped with 1.1 milliliters of filler in December 2022 by an agency that she claims told her to number her own lips, which is not standard practice.

“When I had my lips done it was painful, but at the time I didn’t realize it’s only painful if it’s not done right,” continued Green, from Acle, Norfolk.

It was her first time undergoing a cosmetic procedure, she admitted, and trusted the professional to know what was best.

She experienced pain and bruising immediately afterwards, which she was assured was normal.

“After all the bruising went away, I had two hard bumps on my lip—one on the left and one on the right,” she explained. “It made me feel so much more self-conscious – it was painful and uncomfortable.”

The “hard lumps” would not allow her to close her lips completely – even three months after the procedure.

While she was assured that bruising was normal and would subside, the swelling persisted for months.
Harriet Green/SWNS

“I stopped going to the woman because I was annoyed, and people close to me started commenting on how my lips didn’t look good,” she added, recalling how “swollen” they remained. “They said they could see unevenness in my lips and two lumps on the top tip.”

While she paid about $125 for the initial filler, the three procedures to correct it totaled more than $800.

Green was able to get her kisses back to normal after the filler was “injected in the wrong place”.

“I had to go back three times before [the doctor] can add new filler to my lips,” she said. “I was lucky, don’t get me wrong, I still have lumps in my mouth, but people have had it a lot worse.”

Hard lumps formed on Harriet Green's lips
She was left with two hard lumps on her lips, making it difficult to close her mouth completely.
Harriet Green/SWNS

After her lips were fixed, they looked normal
Green said she was “happy” to correct the faulty procedure.
Harriet Green/SWNS

“But now you can’t even say that I had them done because I had them done properly,” she added.

Green vows never to undergo another procedure, and warns others of the “minefield” of the cosmetic surgery industry.

“It’s important to research the person, don’t just go off of social media pictures like I did,” she advises. “Look for healed pictures of someone’s lips, not just fresh off the needle, because they’ll look nice and plump right away.”

She blames social media and reality television, such as “Love Island,” for influencing unrealistic beauty standards and aesthetic procedures.

It’s rare, she said, to see people who are “natural,” either online or on TV, and its popularity makes it “attractive to others.”

harriet green selfie
She cautioned others to do thorough research and not let social media persuade them into cosmetic procedures.
Harriet Green/SWNS

Her TikTok feed, she notes, was once “full of jowl filler and Botox,” which inevitably convinced her to receive her own filler.

“It seems like such a normal thing to do now — that’s the problem,” she said.

I got lip filler — I can’t close my mouth months later

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