HBO Max officially rebrands to ‘Max’; How are they different?


HBO Max officially rebrands to ‘Max’; How are they different?

From 23 May 2023, HBO Max will simply be rebranded as ‘Max’ with the service marking its launch by expanding its 4k content eightfold.

Starting today, a large number of HBO Max subscribers will have their apps automatically updated while others will be prompted to download the updated version. Instead of HBO Max, subscribers will have their items, avatars, previous plan and profiles waiting to be streamed on Max. People can also pre-register for the Max on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Here’s how the officially rebranded ‘Max’ differs from HBO Max.

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How is ‘Max’ different from HBO Max?

The content offering of ‘Max’ looks almost the same, but a series of tweaks have been made to address HBO Max’s engagement issues. Some of them include using Wi-Fi or QR code to log in instead of typing password on your remote control, homepage collection including a mix of editorial composition, and removing unnecessary steps to an episode to play. You can also view details like language options, credits and rating information in a text box rather than being buried at the bottom of the screen.

When it launches, Max will offer a new Ultimate Ad-Free tier that will give four simultaneous streams with around a hundred offline downloads and almost 8x more episodes and movies in 4K UHD content. The existing subscribers can access the current plan features for a minimum of six months after the launch.

All Warner Bros. movies released this year and beyond will be available in 4K UHD when they arrive on Max after their theatrical window.

Vision and Dolby Atmos will be available for select devices and content.

Whitworth reiterated the mantra his team followed for the new service, ‘No dead ends. As you go through the experience, we always want to bring up new content, new opportunities for you to find something that might be interesting.

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HBO Max officially rebrands to ‘Max’; How are they different?

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