Every TikTok Aesthetic You Need To Know

Every TikTok aesthetic you need to know

Every TikTok Aesthetic You Need To Know

If you had it your way, you’d be living in it versailles. An appreciation for dressing like a princess, both literally and inspired by. Lots of tea.

Yes is for

Soft girly aesthetic

A dedication to self care, self-love, and only doing things that don’t require too much effort. Body scrubs, cozy clothes, peace, live your truth unapologetically.

Soft boyish aesthetic

to male celebration of pastels, sweaters and cuteness. Flowers, traditionally “feminine” colors, good vibes.

Star Girl Aesthetic

You come alive in the evening. Silver accents, glitter, black camis, love for cities, clubs and parties.

T is for

tennis core

Tennis skirts, varsity jerseys, polo shirts, visors, summers on the cape. It gives old money.

Trad Woman

An embrace of the patriarchy. Traditional gender roles, house dresses, children, home cooked meals, bad vibes.

That girl

You live your best life because you put in the work and everyone wants to be you. Wellness, cool clothes, self-care, a clean house, a five-step skin care routine, self-actualization.

V is for

Vanilla Girl Aesthetic

You’re clean, you’re cozy, you smell like cookies. Gold jewelry, knitted white sweaters, vanilla candles, boucle chairs, throw blankets.

VSCO Girls

The ouch. Hydroflasks, scrunchies, long t-shirts, Brandi Melville, Carmex, youth.

W is for


Every TikTok aesthetic you need to know

You were a witch in a <a data-offer-url="https://www.nylon.com/Fashion/whimsigothic-aesthetic-clothing-Fashion” class=”external-link” data-event-click=”{"element":"ExternalLink","outgoingURL":"https://www.nylon.com/Fashion/whimsigothic-aesthetic-clothing-Fashion"}” href=”https://www.nylon.com/Fashion/whimsigothic-aesthetic-clothing-Fashion” rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>past life, specifically, Sabrina. Velvet, lace, long skirts, heavenly accessories, spooky vibes.

Every TikTok Aesthetic You Need To Know

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