Decoding Rani Mukerji’s theatre exclusivity; Understanding her choices, decisions & thought process

Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway finds love digitally (Credit: Pinkvilla Archives)

Decoding Rani Mukerji’s theatre exclusivity; Understanding her choices, decisions & thought process

Rani Mukerji has been in the film industry for over 25 years now. Her films are as much anticipated as decades back. Her last film, Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway, did respectable numbers in theaters despite the dramatic change in audiences’ tastes and preferences, and is now getting a lot of love digitally as well. It’s hard to stay relevant in an industry with so many new faces gracing the Showbiz. What makes Rani Mukerji the phenomenon that she is? What makes her the timeless classic that fails to attract audiences even after 25 years of her stickiness?

In an interview after the success of Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway in theatres, Rani Mukerji, in a candid conversation with Pinkvilla, shared her process as a filmmaker, which led her to become the force to reckon with that she is today.

Rani Mukerji’s theatrical exclusivity leads to no confusion regarding where her film is releasing

Rani Mukerji is firstly very selective of the films she works on and on top of that she has a clause that all her films must have a theatrical premiere before a satellite and a digital premiere. Her exclusivity to theaters has been very crucial in her long-term success, as her films are generally associated with theatrical viewing, even if they are relatively niche or appeal to a small section of the audience. In other words, there is absolutely no confusion about whether her film is releasing directly on OTT or in theaters because she has associated herself with the big screen.

Rani Mukerji consumes a lot of content from around the world and observes what audiences want to watch

Rani takes up subjects that resonate with her and films that touch her on a personal level. She puts herself in the audience’s shoes and tries to understand what people want to watch. Before zeroing in on her next film, she consumes a lot of content from around the world, to understand what audiences like to watch these days and then shapes her film choices to suit the viewers’ tastes. The movie industry mostly depends on viewers because they drive the numbers, so it is necessary to keep them in mind while making a decision.

Rani Mukerji ensures that there is good breathing space between her movie releases

The actress is a keen observer. She is well aware of her film’s business and audience reception. She gives enough breath between her films and this helps audiences to fully enjoy one film of hers before the release of the other one. This is the freedom actresses like Rani Mukerji can take because they don’t have much to prove and don’t need to crave attention like the new generation of stars, who have to make a constant effort to stay in the public limelight.

Rani Mukerji does not overexpose herself and remains low key most of the year

Rani Mukerji does not overexpose herself. She keeps her profile low-key and is mostly seen when her film is about to release. When an actress of her stature is not seen much, their visibility is an indication that their film release is around the corner. Every step taken by actresses like Rani Mukerji reaps benefits when the content of the film resonates with the audiences it is made for.

Mrs. Chatterjee has done quite well theatrically

Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway had a very controlled release. It grossed slightly over Rs 1 crore on its first day, but the lifetime total went over Rs 20 crores in full swing. The film also performed strongly, internationally, whereby the Lifetime worldwide collections ended at around Rs 35 crores. The number is very significant for a kind of film that is generally preferred to be watched on OTT.

Rani Mukerji’s next film is still a mystery

Rani Mukerji’s next film is still a mystery. Even when asked about her next film, she remained tight-lipped. That’s the beauty of a sensation like her, who is still at the top of her game after more than 25 years.

You can watch Rani Mukerji’s latest release Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway now on its authorized digital platform.

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Decoding Rani Mukerji’s theatre exclusivity; Understanding her choices, decisions & thought process

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