Christine McGuinness set for huge £1m payday after stepping out of Paddy’s shadow

Christine McGuinness is hot property right now

Christine McGuinness set for huge £1m payday after stepping out of Paddy’s shadow

CHRISTINE McGuinness is set to rake in seven figures as she is bombarded with offers following her split from husband Paddy.

The model and mother-of-three’s career has soared since the couple split last year with Christine changing her management team and embarking on a series of exciting projects.


Christine McGuinness is hot property right nowCredit: Instagram
Christine and husband Paddy split up last year


Christine and husband Paddy split up last yearCredit: @mrscmcguinness/ Instagram

In March, Christine’s BBC documentary, Unmasking my Autism, was released to great acclaim and her first children’s book, Amazing Me Amazing You, informed by her own experience of autism, was published.

The following month she fulfilled another dream by launching her own clothing brand HER with her best friend.

Just weeks later she was in Ibiza modeling items for a new promotional campaign, and now Christine (35) is hard at work filming a new TV project.

A source said: “Christine is hugely popular and in demand at the moment. She is quickly establishing herself as a huge star in her own right and could soon be the family’s breadwinner for the first time.

Christine McGuinness quits social media after family holiday with ex Paddy
Christine McGuinness almost spills out of the eye-catching top as she soaks up the sun

“Even though they are no longer together, Christine and Paddy get on very well with the arrangement they have, but she is currently very much in the position of power when it comes to gainful employment.”

The Sun has contacted a representative for Christine for comment.

Christine has made no secret of her new zest for life after splitting from Top Gear star Paddy last year after 15 years together.

While she admitted it was scary at first, she is now thriving and busier than ever.

There is no greater example of this than an upbeat Instagram post she shared earlier this year in which she wrote: “35 feels so alive, happy and free to just do me.

“It’s never too late to start over, change your plans, reinvent yourself as many times as you need to. Make this next chapter yours!”

That freedom was reflected in a topless picture she shared with fans as she raised her arms in the air and flashed a backwards peace sign.

Body language expert Judi James told us: “This one photo offers a body language attitude as iconic and meaningful as Princess Diana’s revenge dress.

“The leg spread is a sign of balanced strength and confidence, often known as the Power Pose.

“It obscures all the delicate body parts to the world, suggesting that she now feels threatened by nothing and no one.

“Throwing your arms in the air like that is a sign of ultimate confidence, an embrace of freedom and a desire to seek attention. The V signs are specifically about victory.”

In previous photos, Judi says that Christine seems to have adopted the body language of a “plus one” to her famous man.

“In older poses, she used affirmative touches that elevated his status, or a carefully placed hand on his torso to suggest grateful ownership,” she notes.

“Since her separation from Paddy, Christine seems to have used body language like Morse code, sending out non-verbal messages ranging from vulnerability and indecision to emotional recovery, awareness, reconnection and restoration of confidence.

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“She’s also moved on to some ‘revenge’ poses, one of which projects messages to continue to embrace a new life, with no more flashbacks.

“She seems to be experimenting with a new body shape and enjoying the look.”

Christine started a new chapter as a single woman


Christine started a new chapter as a single womanCredit: Instagram
The model has been embracing a sexier new look since splitting with Paddy


The model has been embracing a sexier new look since splitting with PaddyCredit: mrscmcguinness/Instagram

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Christine McGuinness set for huge £1m payday after stepping out of Paddy’s shadow

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