Chicago Med: Why is Nick Gehlfuss leaving the show after eight seasons? Actor reveals

Dr. Will Halstead

Chicago Med: Why is Nick Gehlfuss leaving the show after eight seasons? Actor reveals

In a stunning turn of events, longtime Chicago Med star Nick Gehlfuss has called the hit medical drama goodbye after an impressive eight seasons. In his final appearance in the Season 8 finale, Gehlfuss left fans shocked when his character, Dr. Will Halstead, began a new chapter as he reunited with his ex-fiancée, Natalie. But what led to this unexpected departure? Gehlfuss reveals the real reason behind his decision.

A creative calling: Gehlfuss opens

For Gehlfuss, it was undoubtedly a difficult decision to leave the show. Gehlfuss tells Variety, “I felt I had taken Dr. Halstead as far as I could go with him.” Exploring the depths of his character’s journey for eight years, the actor acknowledges the creative aspect that drives him. With a desire for change and new challenges, Gehlfuss felt it was time to say goodbye to the familiar territory of the medical drama. As he humorously quipped, “That’s two college degrees! I joke now that I basically have a doctorate in television.”

Emotional goodbye and advance notice

Filming the finale was an emotional roller coaster for Gehlfuss. Expressing his overwhelming experience, he compares it to love, saying, “If you truly love someone, you’re going to have a lot of high moments and a lot of low moments because it’s just as important to you.” Gehlfuss acknowledged the significance of his departure and ensured that everyone involved gave advance notice, to avoid a sudden and abrupt end. This gesture highlights his commitment and respect for the cast and crew.

The unexpected meeting and future aspirations

While the meeting between Natalie and Will in the finale may seem fitting, it wasn’t always the plan. Once Gehlfuss informed the creative team of his departure, discussions arose about a potential Manstead ending, eventually leading to the surprise reunion. Reflecting on his character’s journey, Gehlfuss explains, “This relationship came full circle for Will and Natalie. I think Will looked for elements of Natalie in every relationship that followed their breakup. He never really got over her. .”

As Gehlfuss bids farewell to Chicago Med after appearing in all 163 episodes since the show’s debut, he carries valuable lessons learned from his character, Will Halstead. Looking ahead, he expresses a desire to explore new and varied roles, jokingly mentioning his pursuit of being a cowboy and enjoying outdoor adventures. While the door remains open for a potential return to the One Chicago universe, Gehlfuss extends his heartfelt thanks to the devoted fans for their support and reminds them that while Will Halstead may be leaving, the One Chicago legacy continues to thrive.

The One Chicago world has undergone significant casting recently, with Chicago Med experiencing the most turnover. With the departures of Guy Lockard, Sarah Rafferty, Asjha Cooper and Brian Tee, fans can expect the show’s return to NBC in the fall with a fresh cast of compelling characters and gripping storylines.

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Chicago Med: Why is Nick Gehlfuss leaving the show after eight seasons? Actor reveals

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