Bride defies mom’s wishes with see-through wedding dress

A bride wears a revealing, see-through dress.

Bride defies mom’s wishes with see-through wedding dress

it is pure frenzy.

The drums of wedding dress war are sounding throughout social media as a young, ultra-modern bride defies her demure mother’s request that she go viral on a traditionally conservative dress on her big day.

“[Mother of the bride says] ‘YES just want my daughter in a ball gown,’” read the closed caption of a popular Instagram Reel, which featured a redhead woman trying on wedding dresses at Celebration Bridal and Tux boutique in Lynchburg, Virginia.

In the controversial clip, which has racked up more than 29,000 likes, the unnamed bride-to-be is seen confidently strutting around the dress shop in an all-white, hip-hugging number with a plunging sweetheart neckline and a sheer, floor length skirt that showcased her bare thighs.

While the soon-to-be is modeling the daring clothes, another young woman hands her a bouquet of flowers. The duo then boldly wave at the camera – as if to indicate a willful disregard for her mother’s ball gown wishes. (The apparent bride in the clip appears to be an employee of the bridal boutique).

The post was captioned: “All jokes aside – it’s your day, your way,” encouraging the redhead and other brides to wear whatever they want for their nuptials.

Instagram is divided over a bride-to-be’s decision to wear a see-through dress despite protests from her conservative mother.

Disapproving commentators, however, argued that the clingy wedding dress was nothing more than an indecent disaster.

“The sheer skirt looks teary,” one hater chided.

“I’m so sick of gowns that look like underwear,” wrote a separate naysayer.

“Girls trying to exercise their independence but still need mommy to pay. How cute,” quipped another.

“That dress is too short for a wedding dress,” another commenter said in part, “[It] needs a bit of a petticoat.”

The bride is greeted by a friend, who hands her a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
In the viral clip, the redhead is supported by a friend, who seems to approve of her cute wedding day ensemble.

The criticism echoes that received by a recent bride from Australia who went viral in a see-through wedding dress as she tied the knot on her special day in April. On TikTok, detractors of the sheer ensemble saw it as a “slutty” spectacle. A separate newlywed from down under also felt the internet’s wrath for recently showing “too much skin” in her “naked” wedding dress.

But luckily for the ginger-headed bride on Instagram, a small army of virtual supporters rushed to her defense in the comments, agreeing that she should wear the dress of her dreams – despite rebukes from finger-wagging troupes.

“All these boomers in this say [her dress] needs a liner underneath… Just because you want to cover up doesn’t mean we do,” wrote an advocate for the bride, chastising people over the age of 59 for trying to push their outdated fashions on Gen Z and forcing Millennial women. “Mind your business,” the comment continued in part.

Another supporter wrote: “Not the mother’s day. My mum tried to pull all sorts of shenanigans after she backed out [of my wedding] two weeks ahead of time because I didn’t want my day to be what she wanted. Nice ride.”

“Mom, it’s none of your business,” said another. “You’ve done your day, let her do hers. Selfish.”

Others advised the mother of the bride to approach the wedding dress shopping experience with grace and understanding.

“Celebrate your daughter’s independence and personal style!” an online viewer encouraged.

“This is the first step in closing a gap between you and your child. How you react or try to control your daughter on her way to her own life can have irreversible damage,” the well-wisher said.

“Choose your relationship over your opinion.”

Bride defies mom’s wishes with see-through wedding dress

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