Amy Schneider Isn’t Going Anywhere—Whether Twitter Trolls Like It or Not

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Amy Schneider Isn’t Going Anywhere—Whether Twitter Trolls Like It or Not

“Who is Amy Schneider?” danger asked fans as they watched her break the record danger dash in real time. However, just over a year later, it is the danger-style “answer” to clues: the most successful woman in danger history, the player with the second longest danger winning streak of all time (second only to host Ken Jennings), and the first woman to win $1 million on the show.

Schneider also most likely holds the title of most beloved player to ever take to the Alex Trebek Stage. Even before he won 40 consecutive games, Schneider was a household name, developing a fanbase so dedicated and diverse that it championed generations. Schneider stans range from 7 to 90 years old.

Fortunately for the fandom, Shneider’s game didn’t end with those 40 games. After her initial stint from November 2021 to January 2022, she returned for – and won – the 2022 Tournament of Champions, yet made a defiant comeback in the series’ long-awaited spin-off Jeopardy Masters, which will air through May 2023.

Knowing what it’s like on the other side of both the stage and screen, the fan-favorite actor constantly makes efforts to connect with viewers online. One scroll through her feed and you’ll find behind-the-scenes danger game breakdowns and explanations, as well as answers to questions asked via hashtag #JeopardyAmyChat, and danger outfit details on Instagram.

As a lifetime danger fan, I’ve always wanted to hear and be curious about [the perspective as a viewer],” says Schneider Shine. “I knew there was some kind of audience out there because I would have been that audience.”

The top six highest ranking current “Jeopardy!” Contestants Amy Schneider, Matt Amodio, Mattea Roach, Andrew He, Sam Buttrey and James Holzhauer go on to win the grand prize and the chance to become the first-ever “Jeopardy! Masters” champion. Christopher Willard/Getty Images

Shine caught up with Amy Schneider to discuss life after danger fame, trans rights and activism, dealing with trolls, and more. Read Shines interview with the danger legend below.

Amy Schneider Isn’t Going Anywhere—Whether Twitter Trolls Like It or Not

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